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We are a martial arts training group that offer FREE training headquartered in Redding, California, with a sattelite school in Reno, NV. PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT located at the Hilltop address that's listed on some search engines (an old mailing address). Please contact us for the current address. With a number of people teaching, each with a minimum of 20 years or more experience, we offer various systems with a realistic approach. The idea is to increase your odds of a better outcome, regardless of age, size, strength or gender. Let's be honest, however; These things matter, a lot! Many systems or schools claim with enough training that even a small framed woman can take down a large man with ease, usually by using his own power/size against him. This is possible, but unlikely without the right approach and training, and everything is far easier said than done. You must be realistic and considerate when dealing with anyone, especially people larger than you, when the attacker has a weapon, or when faced with multiple attackers. Also, the theory that you should run away if you can, but how many times are you alone when out and about? A lot of people have a loved one with them, children, etc. and running away and leaving someone isn't always an option. Moreover, more criminals are usually more active than the majority of people that work for a living and running a few blocks and reaching exhaustion only to have an attacker on top of you, is not a good way to start trying to defend yourself. These scenarios are nice in concept and should be considered, but it may not be realistic, again, especially if they have a weapon and that's when things get serious and when training matters.

We offer martial arts lessons, sparring & self defense to local people (and online) in the following systems & concepts: MMA, Modern Arnis/Progressive System, Escrima, Kali (Filipino Martial Arts/FMA), Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, Silat, Panantukan, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, PIMANA, Chin Na, General Self Defense. Also: TKD/Karate, Kickboxing, P.F.S. (Progressive Fighting System), Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and various other systems. The goal is to have a well rounded amount of material where it's a realistic and applicable means to defend yourself, which cover everything from empty hand to weapons. Regardless of size, age, speed, strength, gender and ability, the right training can help anyone improve their odds when dealing with a confrontation. People that train here range anywhere from beginners that are completely new to martial arts, to advanced (some having up to 3rd degree black belt rankings in different systems), and everywhere inbetween. Even with experience, many people find the training to offer new and useful insights to apply to their existing knowledge of other or same styles. Our youngest students are ages 10 and the oldest are in their late 60s, and everyone inbetween. We offer a friendly atomosphere and share the same goals. There are no bullies here, but we do try to safely make it as realistic as possible. No uniforms required. We don't charge for belt/level rankings, etc. We also don't ask anyone to bow to us or the mats, or call anyone "master", nor do we use buzz words and claims about martial arts classes.

We offer in person training at any of our locations, as well as online (you can do both to keep up with the material). Our primary location is in Redding, CA, which offers high quality antimicrobial mats (YES, we allow people to wear tennis/running shoes on the mats!), several 6' Thai banana bags (these are on a rolling overhead railsystem so they can be moved anywhere across the mat area or to one of the walls completely out of the way, as to maximize the training area, but also offer a 360 degree area for use of all heavy bags), also boxing bags, BOB, free standing heavy bag, wall mount/uppercut bag, various kicking shields, long & short Thai pads, focus mitts, torso/belly pads, head gear, fencing mask, MMA gloves, boxing gloves, training knives, training (rattan) Kali sticks, bo/long staff, wall pads, shin guards, training pistols, and more! We also offer a weight power rack with Olympic bench and curl bars for a full range of free weight work-outs, including leg-bench attachments, pull-up/chin-up and dips features, a full set of quality bar-bells, and a total of nearly 300 lbs. of Olympic weight plates. The area is well lit, insulated and heated in the winter, and there's ample air conditioning in the summer (26K btu A/C unit).

We currently hold martial arts classes on ONLY Tuesday nights in Redding, CA, from 6PM-9PM (some people can't make it until after 6PM and some have to leave before 9PM, so you don't have to stay the three hours if you don't want to or can't). We offer a members area with class curriculum, tips and hints, as well as instructional videos (live and recorded) that cover all of the material we teach. Please contact us using THIS FORM any time, or call/text us at 722.8541 (530 area code) between 2PM-10PM PST ONLY, please!

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