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Public List of Local Martial Arts Schools: From Chico, CA to Redding, CA to Mt. Shasta, CA.

We encourage everyone to also train at other schools and gyms, dojos and backyards in whatever system(s) make sense or that you have the time or money for! We welcome you to continue to train with us, regardless of where else you train. Come out when you can to try your techniques, spar, ask for critiques, tips, just train in something else, or just train with us. We hope you come to all of our classes, but these are places you may want to go to when we don't hold classes, to suppliment your training here, or expand your knowledge and experience in addition to training here. We look at it this way, if you're getting quality material, then the results speak for themselves and you'll keep coming back. But, if you're more into a school with belts, uniforms or a different environment, these may appeal to you. Still, we hope you'll come back or continue to train with us when and if you can. *DISCLAIMER: We've not vetted these places, so we can't say if they are right for you, nor the prices, policies, dates/times of classes, dress code, uniforms, etc. So, use your own judgment. We try to always keep this list up to date and accurate, so if any are no longer in business or there's a new one to add, please let us know. Thanks,

Below, we have a listing of 44 total local place(s) to train.
The schools list was last updated: Sun Mar 31 19:01:57 2019
Let us know if a listing's out of business OR if you have one to add!

Select Schools In City: All (44) | Anderson, CA (2) | Burney, CA (1) | Chico, CA (18) | Lakehead, CA (1) | Mount Shasta, CA (1) | Palo Cedro, CA (1) | Paradise, CA (2) | Redding, CA (17) | Shasta Lake City, CA (1)

2 Result(s) for Anderson, CA:

Town/City: Anderson, CA
Place: Northwest Martial Arts Center
System/Style(s): Kenpo Karate
Phone: (530) 378-1169

Town/City: Anderson, CA
Place: Blain Cort's Total Self Defense
System/Style(s): Arnis, Wu Ying Tao
Phone: (530) 209-5634

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